Revenue Cycle Management

Valerie Barckhoff – Principal at Windham
Brannon, PC & Co-Founder at SHOAR

Valerie is a Revenue Cycle executive with over 20 years of experience in delivering revenue cycle transformation services, compliance support, leadership skills, and strategic plans focused on improving compliance, cash and net revenue positions for….

Revenue Cycle Management

Jim Grigsby – President &
CEO, Jim Grigsby Consulting

Jim is a revenue cycle and management consulting expert for providers. He specializes in providing revenue cycle and management consulting solutions that provide long-term improvement, efficiency, and…

Revenue Cycle Management

George Buck – Accounts Receivable
Management & Healthcare Consultant

George is a veteran of the Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) industry with over 40 years of experience in the field. His expertise today lies in assisting organizations to improve their performance along with…

Workers Comp

Thomas Shivers – Chief Executive
Officer, FourStone Partners

As the CEO at FourStone Partners, Thomas is responsible for the strategic direction, development, and leadership of the company. He has over 25 years of executive and entrepreneurial experience in the workers’ compensation managed…

Revenue Cycle Management

Reid B. Gavin – Vice President Revenue
Cycle, Advanced Monitoring Services

Reid is an accomplished medical practice leader with expertise in caseload management, quality assurance, business analytics, customer service, and revenue cycle management. His expertise lies in streamlining operational processes to navigate…

Workers Comp

Anne Kirby – Chief Operating
Officer, Rising Medical Solutions

As a business leader in the workers’ compensation domain, Anne is a leading consultant on a variety of projects related to workers’ compensation and health care. During her career, she has spearheaded various operational roles in…

Revenue Cycle Management

Kem Tolliver – President, Medical
Revenue Cycle Specialists, LLC

Kem is an Innovative Healthcare Leader with a passion for practice transformation through best practices, technology & education. She is the founder and president of Medical Revenue Cycle Specialists, a boutique medical revenue cycle consulting firm,…

Revenue Cycle Management

Colleen Hall – Managing Principal
of the Healthcare Services Group,
Crowe LLP

Colleen is a business leader in revenue cycle management and is recognized for her specialty knowledge in major outpatient revenue-producing hospital departments. She is the managing principal of the healthcare services group at Crowe LLP, a public accounting,…

Revenue Cycle Management

Barbara Young-Owner and Medical Billing
Director, Barbara Young Medical Billing
Services Inc

Barbara Young is a well-recognized name in medical billing owing to her expertise. She is proficient in all phases of the medical business and medical coding services while specializing in surgical billing. She is also an avid Medical Billing Columnist,…

Revenue Cycle Management

Hanan Waizman – Revenue Cycle
Manager, Bayhealth

Hanan is a Doctoral Candidate (DHA) and Revenue Cycle Strategist with a strong passion for solving complex problems. His years of expertise in a combination of information technology and administration functions within the health systems empower him to…