David F. Yep - Vice President & Chief Revenue Officer, TRIUNE Health Group

David has played pivotal leadership roles in both the non-profit and manufacturing sectors, tasked with, and successfully executing company growth strategies. He currently leads TRIUNE by assuming responsibility for all business development...

Workers Comp
Brad Delger – Attorney, Aafedt, Forde, Gray, Monson & Hager, P.A.

Brad’s primary focus is on workers’ compensation defense in Minnesota. He represents insurers, self-insured employers, and third-party administrators in all aspects of workers’ compensation claims. In this interview...

Workers Comp
Josh Schuette – Director of National Workers Compensation Sales and Account Management, Brooks Rehabilitation

Josh has used his expertise in the field to help improve workers’ compensation services. He is also responsible for training and instructing therapists at individual outpatient clinics in workers’ compensation documentation...

Workers Comp
Patrick Robinson – VP of Government Affairs, ODG (an MCG Health Company)

Patrick Robinson has worked in workers’ compensation for almost three decades. A U.S. Army veteran, he cut his teeth as an attorney, workers’ comp judge, and regulator in the Louisiana workers’ compensation system. In...

Revenue Cycle Management
Telanna Jeffers – Owner,Professional Reimbursement Inc

A leader in providing proactive A/R management services to health care organizations, Telanna is a well-recognized reimbursement partner for revenue cycle management services. Her firm helps clients increase their...

Workers Comp
Scott Ford – Managing Partner Ford Richardson

Scott has over 27 years of legal experience as a trial attorney. He is the former Chair of the Litigation Section for the Virginia State Bar. He regularly assists clients serving as local counsel with federal court matters in both...

Workers Comp
Mollie Kallen – CEO and President,MKCM, Inc. (Mollie Kallen Case Management, Inc.)

Mollie has over 30 years in the workers’ compensation industry. Her company prides itself on being the only case management company with a national footprint that is headed by a veteran case manager. In this interview, Mollie talks..

Vincent Capece Jr. – President & CEO, Middlesex Health

An accountant and a healthcare executive, Vincent is passionate about helping those who need it. He has over a decade of experience as the CEO at Middlesex Health prior to which he has held several interesting roles....

Workers Comp
Kirsten L. Kaiser Kus – Capital Member at Downey & Lenkov LLC

While Kirsten has vast experience in many areas of the law, her specialties are Workers’ Compensation and General Litigation Defense. Kirsten is a finalist for the 2022 Influential Women of Northwest Indiana Award because...

Revenue Cycle Management
Matt Seefeld – Executive Vice President, MedEvolve, Inc. and Founder, myLifeLink

Matt began his career as a management consultant helping healthcare providers solve the complex strategic and tactical problems facing the industry every day. His primary focus as a consultant is in the...

Revenue Cycle Management
Kristy Wright – Vice President (Revenue Cycle Management), SaVida Health

With over 32 years of experience in the field, Kristy is well-recognized as an expert in Medical Practice Management and Billing. She has worked in diverse sections of the industry including Addiction Medicine, Behavioral Health, Primary Care...

Revenue Cycle Management
Dan Schulte – Revenue Cycle Process
Management, Allina Health

Dan has spent a career working in and working for hospital financial management. He has been instrumental in helping large and small organizations find their weak spots, change processes, and realize immediate returns in bottom-line cash. In this interview, Dan talks...

Revenue Cycle Management
Laurie Hurwitz – Senior Vice President
Revenue Cycle, OSF HealthCare

Laurie Hurwitz is based out of Peoria, Illinois, United States and works at OSF HealthCare as Senior Vice President of Revenue Cycle Management & Managed Care. As a problem solver, Laurie believes this field suits her talents well as, in revenue cycle management, change...

Revenue Cycle Management
Jere Pittner – Founder,
Alecta Revenue Cycle Management

Jere Pittner is an invaluable voice in the field of healthcare management services, particularly in revenue cycle management. With over 25 years of experience in the field, she has a deep understanding of complex physician-hospital arrangements and the ability...

Workers Comp
Melissa Day – Managing Partner
The Law Offices of Melissa A. Day, PLLC

A leader in the field of New York workers’ compensation defense, Melissa has nearly 25 years of experience fighting for employers’ rights. Her mission and the mission of all the attorneys at “LOMAD,” shorthand for The Law Offices...

Revenue Cycle Management
Doug Barry – Principal Healthcare
Transformation, Mazars USA

Doug is a healthcare financial executive with over 42 years of experience in driving healthcare transformation. He is well recognized for his consulting expertise regarding provider, vendor, and financial services. In this interview, Doug talks to me about the challenges he has...

IME/Peer Company
Ron Sullivan - Chief Executive Officer,
Medical Review Institute Of America

Ron is the CEO of his firm dedicated to providing clinical insights to payers and patients through analytics and evidence-based clinical opinions. As an active Board member, Ron brings forth a strong analytical approach coupled with diversity in thought and experience that helps companies...

Revenue Cycle Management
Kimberly Scaccia – Vice President of
Revenue Cycle, Mercyhealth Systems
(Wisconsin and Illinois)

Kimberly Scaccia has over 20 years of hands-on revenue cycle and financial management experience for hospital, physician, ancillary and skilled nursing providers. She is widely recognized for her accomplishments in...

Revenue Cycle Management
Dave Worachek – President & Chief
Executive Officer, Value-Based RCM

Dave is an operations focused business leader partnering with executive leadership, boards, private equity, financial institutions, stakeholders and vendors to deliver exceptional results. His expertise lies in...

Revenue Cycle Management
Samuel Moore – Vice-President and Chief
Financial Officer, Midland Memorial Hospital

Passionate about healthcare finance and promoting smoother workflows, Samuel has been a part of several innovative healthcare programs. He is currently working with Midland Memorial Hospital, a not-for-profit...

Workers Comp
Kari Lou Frank – Shareholder and Leader
of the Workers’ Compensation
Practice Group, PennStuart

Kari Lou has almost 20 years of experience in representing employers and insurance carriers in the area of workers’ compensation and related litigation. As a shareholder and leader of PennStuart’s workers’...

Revenue Cycle Management
Jenny Johnson – Vice President of Revenue
Cycle, Scottish Rite for Children

Jenny has been a pioneer in establishing innovative revenue cycle practices. Certified in health care compliance as well as revenue cycle, she served in various compliance and revenue cycle roles over the years...

Revenue Cycle Management
John Zelem – Physician and Owner,
Streamline Solutions Consulting, Inc

John is an accomplished Medical Director and Physician Advisor with over 25 years of General Surgery clinical experience, followed by 15 years of experience in Compliance, Utilization Review, and...

Revenue Cycle Management
Cyndi Walker – President, Medicus
Billing and Consulting,Inc

As President of Medicus Billing and Consulting, Cyndi is passionate about delivering high-quality medical billing and operational consulting services that ensure medical practices don’t lose out on their...

Revenue Cycle Management
Tammy Mulligan, LVN – Owner and President,
On Track Medical Billing Services

With over 25 years of experience in medical billing, coding, and practice management, Tammy has extensive experience in operating and managing successful medical practices. Her areas of specialties include...

Revenue Cycle Management
Glenn Krauss – Creator and Founder, Core-CDI
and Co-Founder, Top Gun Audit School

Glenn is a revenue cycle management professional with extensive experience in all facets of the revenue cycle. His expertise and experience lie in ICD-10 & CPT coding, focusing upon the role of medical record clinical documentation in the...

Revenue Cycle Management
Jenny O’Pry – Vice President of Revenue
Cycle Management, Mindpath Health

Jenny is an RCM specialist in the healthcare industry with extensive experience in numerous aspects such as process improvement, strategic planning, revenue cycle management, and...

Revenue Cycle Management
Valerie Barckhoff – Principal at Windham
Brannon, PC & Co-Founder at SHOAR

Valerie is a Revenue Cycle executive with over 20 years of experience in delivering revenue cycle transformation services, compliance support, leadership skills, and strategic plans focused on improving compliance, cash and...

Revenue Cycle Management
Jim Grigsby – President &
CEO, Jim Grigsby Consulting

Jim is a revenue cycle and management consulting expert for providers. He specializes in providing revenue cycle and management consulting solutions that provide long-term improvement, efficiency, and...

Revenue Cycle Management
George Buck – Accounts Receivable
Management & Healthcare Consultant

George is a veteran of the Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) industry with over 40 years of experience in the field. His expertise today lies in assisting organizations to improve their performance along with...

Workers Comp
Thomas Shivers – Chief Executive
Officer, FourStone Partners

As the CEO at FourStone Partners, Thomas is responsible for the strategic direction, development, and leadership of the company. He has over 25 years of executive and entrepreneurial experience in the workers’ compensation managed...

Revenue Cycle Management
Reid B. Gavin – Vice President Revenue
Cycle, Advanced Monitoring Services

Reid is an accomplished medical practice leader with expertise in caseload management, quality assurance, business analytics, customer service, and revenue cycle management. His expertise lies in streamlining operational processes to navigate...

Workers Comp
Anne Kirby – Chief Operating
Officer, Rising Medical Solutions

As a business leader in the workers’ compensation domain, Anne is a leading consultant on a variety of projects related to workers’ compensation and health care. During her career, she has spearheaded various operational roles in...

Revenue Cycle Management
Kem Tolliver – President, Medical
Revenue Cycle Specialists, LLC

Kem is an Innovative Healthcare Leader with a passion for practice transformation through best practices, technology & education. She is the founder and president of Medical Revenue Cycle Specialists, a boutique medical revenue cycle consulting firm, which improves...

Revenue Cycle Management
Colleen Hall – Managing Principal
of the Healthcare Services Group,
Crowe LLP

Colleen is a business leader in revenue cycle management and is recognized for her specialty knowledge in major outpatient revenue-producing hospital departments. She is the managing principal of the healthcare services group at Crowe LLP, a public...

Revenue Cycle Management
Barbara Young-Owner and Medical Billing
Director, Barbara Young Medical Billing
Services Inc

Barbara Young is a well-recognized name in medical billing owing to her expertise. She is proficient in all phases of the medical business and medical coding services while specializing in surgical billing. She is also an avid Medical Billing Columnist, sharing insightful...

Revenue Cycle Management
Hanan Waizman – Revenue Cycle
Manager, Bayhealth

Hanan is a Doctoral Candidate (DHA) and Revenue Cycle Strategist with a strong passion for solving complex problems. His years of expertise in a combination of information technology and administration functions within the health systems empower him to...

Workers Comp
Jennifer Ryon – Chief Operating
Officer, Prime Health Services, Inc.

As the Chief Operating Officer at Prime Health Services, Jennifer is focused on innovative delivery solutions, efficiencies, marketing integration, and customer service to address customer requirements and drive...

Revenue Cycle Management
Brian Hall – President,
Physicians Resources Ltd.

Brian Hall has over 30 years of experience in the revenue cycle management (RCM) industry. Brian’s entire career has been shaped by helping medical practices, ASC’s and hospital organizations improve their financial health by improving...

Revenue Cycle Management
David Frederiksen – Chief Executive
Officer, PatientFocus

David has a background in Financial Modeling and Healthcare Strategy. He launched PatientFocus in 2008 as a medical billing company that functions as an outsourced extension of their clients’...

Keith Chew – Principal,
Consulting with Integrity

Keith Chew is a healthcare thought leader and subject matter expert with over 40 years of experience. He has developed a specialty consultancy focusing on hospital-based practices, especially...

Revenue Cycle Management
Eric Rench – Director of Revenue
Management & Integrity, National
Health Rehabilitation Physiatry

Eric Rench is a revenue cycle leader with over 10 years of revenue cycle knowledge and an additional 3 years of analyst experience in diversified healthcare. He is recognized as an industry expert on identifying issues within...

Revenue Cycle Management
Yolanda Ogle – Vice President
Of Revenue Cycle, Southern
California IPA Group

Yolanda is an experienced healthcare leader in implementing operational processes that boost efficiency. Her prime focus is on process improvement, redesign, operational training, and employee development to re-engineer...

Revenue Cycle Management
Jeff Hollender - Healthcare Revenue Cycle
Consultant and Subject Matter Expert

Jeff is a nationally renowned Healthcare Revenue Cycle Consultant and Subject Matter Expert. With over 30 years of leadership and operational management experience, he brings valuable insights throughout the...

David Davis – President and CEO,
Shared Health Services

David is a former United States Congressman and has over 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry. He has performed several important roles from managing numerous...

Workers Comp
Alex O’Neal – Chief Executive
Officer & Co-Founder, Arbicare

Alex is the CEO and co-founder of Arbicare, a URAC accredited workers’ compensation-focused utilization management and peer review organization. He believes in the importance of individualizing the...

Revenue Cycle Management
Sean Escobar-Revenue Cycle
Management Executive and
Thought Leader Consultant,

Sean has been an active force in the revenue cycle management domain for over three decades. He has been responsible for developing and executing complex strategic...

Mark Pew – Sr. Vice President
Product Development & Marketing
The Preferred Medical

Mark Pew is a renowned educator, well-known as the RxProfessor. He is a prominent speaker at workers’ compensation, insurance, legal, and healthcare conferences around the country. Mark is a strong advocate for...

Rafael Gonzalez – Partner
Cattie & Gonzalez, PLLC

A Partner at Cattie & Gonzalez, Rafael has a rich experience of 35 years in workers’ compensation claims handling, litigation, and resolution. He is recognized for his expertise in...

Greg Hamlin – Senior Vice President
Berkley Industrial Comp (a Berkley Company)

In the age of automation, the digital world seems to have taken precedence over people themselves. Greg Hamlin, a pioneer in furthering the cause for workers’ compensation, helps bring back the focus on...

Revenue Cycle Management
Rich Simon – Senior Managing Partner

Rich Simon has been an esteemed leader in the field of revenue cycle management for over 2 decades. Now a Senior Partner at CodersDirect.com, Rich is currently specializing in the coding aspect of...

Revenue Cycle Management
Sheldon Pink – President & CEO
Krystal Rock Innovation Group

Sheldon is a well-known Healthcare Transformation Leader recognized for his expertise in healthcare economics. He works with multi-hospital and Physician integrated networks as a consultant for enhancing...

Revenue Cycle Management
Stephen Brighton - CEO
Medical Healthcare Solutions

Stephen is one of the leading pioneers of the medical billing industry and the founder of Medical Healthcare Solutions. In his current role as President and CEO of MHS...

Revenue Cycle Management
Ray Berry – CEO
Health Business Solutions

Ray is the CEO of Health Business Solutions with over 25 years of experience in healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM) in both the hospital and payer environment. He created the company in 2002 with…

Maria Trusa – CEO
Formé Medical Center

Maria Trusa is a CEO at Formé Medical Center. She has been an integral part of the healthcare domain, particularly in helping members of the uninsured community in gaining access to affordable and quality…

Workers Comp
Claire Muselman – Director of Workers’ Compensation
Continental Western Group

Claire Muselman has been instrumental in promoting the welfare of workers and equipping them with the resources they need to be productive and live well. As the Director of workers’ compensation claims…

Law Firm
Richard Geller – Managing Member
Medical Capital Solutions (MCS)

Richard Geller is the Founder and CEO of Medical Capital Solutions, among the most trusted names in medical receivable funding in the USA. His company’s prime responsibilities include funding medical…

IME/Peer Company
Richard DeStefano – CEO
Support Claim Services

Richard DeStefano is the CEO at Support Claim Services (SCS), an industry leader in providing efficient medical cost containment services with quality evaluations and professional services. He is responsible…

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